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Trials: Tips, Tactics & Tales featuring Michael Cash -- REVISED DATE
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Trials: Tips, Tactics & Tales featuring Michael Cash -- REVISED DATE

Total Credits: 6 including 6 Criminal Law

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Criminal Litigation |  Injury and Wrongful Death
Michael Cash
7 Hours 30 Minutes
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Phoeniz, Arizona


You've likely seen dozens of trial advocacy instructors. Many were probably very good - some great. But you haven't seen anybody like Mike Cash.

Cash's timing and gift for delivery were developed in his prior life as a stand-up comic and were honed in the courtroom. They are evident and important aspects of his presentations of trial and integral to his skill as a seminar leader. Cash presents tips and tactics illustrated with tales from actual trials where they were successfully (and sometimes unsuccessfully) employed. Trials is a fast-paced program, rich with demonstration and worth every second of your attention.

See, discover and enjoy:
  • pre-trial tips that will allow you to shut down your opponent at trial;
  • high impact openings;
  • illuminating direct examinations of any kind of witness that will hold a jury's attention;
  • decisive cross-examinations which will unravel a witness;
  • how to create and use show-stopping demonstrative evidence; and
  • closing arguments that move the jury to action.
Don't expect the trite or the familiar from Mike Cash or this intense, creative program. He respects your experience and celebrates your already proven abilities as a trial lawyer. Cash's presentation is designed specifically to take to the next level of success in the courtroom.
Program Highlights:
  • Discover pre-trial tips that will allow you to shut down your opponent at trial.
  • Demonstrations of high impact openings and closing arguments that move the jury to action.
  • Tips and tactics illustrated with tales from the real-life trials where they were employed.

Your peers come back again and again to see Mike Cash...

    "Great speaker, great content and information. Mike gave numerous examples of how he's handled things in real cases, which is very valuable to practitioners." -- Las Vegas, Nevada, registrant
    "Unique tips and strategies I had not considered. He is the best." -- Burt Kinerk, Tucson, Arizona, registrant
    "Cash is GREAT! I would even move to Texas to work with him, given the chance." -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, registrant


Click on the image below to check out highlights from Mike's remarkable seminar.

Program Agenda

The Trial Lawyer - A Dying Breed



What To Do Before the Trial Starts

  • Supplies
  • Preparation
  • "The little things"

Motion in Limine

  • What Matters
  • What Doesn't
  • Using Your Discovery as a Guide

Voir Dire

Keep Your Friends Close - Get Rid of Your Enemies

  • Questions Designed to Persuade
  • Questions Designed to Eliminate

Opening Statement

You Get 10 Seconds - Don't Waste Them

  • Theming
  • Delivery
  • Persuasion

Direct Examination


  • Witnesses Preparation
  • Conducting an Effective Direct
  • lay witnesses
  • party/non-party
  • reluctant witnesses
  • techniques that reinforce
  • timelines
  • "easy to do - hard to do well"
  • experts - a special breed




Impeachment - How-to and Not-to: The Keys to a Powerful Impeachment

  • Hard Cross vs. Soft Cross
  • Objectives and Tactics
  • Control
  • Experts

Battling the Sharks

  • How to Attach the Expert Without Becoming the Prey
  • How to Spot (and Avoid) Danger


Demonstrative Evidence

Educate and Entertain

  • High tech vs. Low tech
  • The Best I Ever Saw!
  • Control the Technology
  • Big Hat, No Cattle?


Tips and Tactics That Can Save You at Trial

Closing Argument

"It Ain't Over Till It's Over"

  • Substance with Sizzle
  • Keys to a Powerful Closing



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Liskow & Lewis, of Houston, TX

Mike Cash is a Texas Super Lawyer and a partner in the Houston office of Liskow & Lewis. He is a veteran instructor for The Professional Education Group and the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, and is a dynamic, electric and practical speaker on the national CLE stage.
Cash has represented plaintiffs and defendants in complex commercial litigation in state and federal courts for more than 20 years. His clients include such heavyweights as Exxon Mobil, PetSmart, Group 1 Automotive, and Lender Processing Services, Inc.
He has recovered millions of dollars for clients in complex commercial litigation and has defended corporate clients across America in areas including trade secret and patent litigation, contractual disputes, ERISA matters, accounting and legal malpractice.
He has successfully defended energy companies in mass tort litigation, defended a governor's chief of staff and press secretary in defamation suits, and represented an Enron director in securities litigation.
Cash is a cum laude graduate of Baylor University School of Law where he was editor of, and a contributing author to, the Baylor Law Review. He is a Fellow of the Texas Bar Foundation and the Houston Bar Foundation.



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