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Constructive Cross-Examination, Including Use at Dispositions | 2012 - presented by Roger J. Dodd

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Roger J. Dodd,
2 Hours 38 Minutes
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This exciting and innovative program focuses on “how to tell your theory of the case through your opponents’ witnesses on cross-examination. Such admissions are of critical importance to fact finders, both judges and jurors. Learn the 20 techniques that force such admissions. This fast paced presentation ties together individual sentence construction with subject matter (chapters) to be covered in cross. While this lecture covers other diverse fields such as linguistics, military philosophy, psychology and oratorical devices, it concentrates on central themes that make your cross-examination a systematic application of many diverse techniques.


Note:  All of these techniques are applicable for use at depositions!


Program Agenda: 

•    How Lawyers Think

•    How Fact Finders (Judges and Jurors) Think

•    Constructive Cross — Their Witnesses, but my Theory

•    The Only Three Rules – Cross Simplified

•    Chapters – How to Prepackage the Facts

•    Loops — Labeling of important witnesses, documents and events

•    Double Loops — Best way to cross experts

•    Spontaneous Loops — Those magic moments in the courtroom can be anticipated, and prepared in advance

•    20 Way to Control Combative Witnesses 


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