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ACTL Presents: "Escape from the Briarpatch between Discovery and Trial" - 2015

Total Credits: 6 including 3 Ethics

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Ethics |  Trial & Litigation
12 Hours 35 Minutes
Audio and Video
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ACTL 2015 Presents

"Escape from the Briarpatch between Discovery and Trial"


The trial lawyers' road to success winds through a briar patch of discovery challenges, dead ends and tricky detours. What often looks like an easy path turns out to be the road to ruin. There are no shortcuts through the discovery thicket. Mastering  the nuanced twists and turns is what separates the truly good trial lawyers from the rest.


The Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers represent the top 1% of trial lawyers in the country.  Watch as Arizona's best explore the thicket of discovery teaching how to recognize the pitfalls, how to minimize weaknesses and boost the strengths of your case.  Learn how the experts address these common and not so common problems and watch as their strategies and techniques play out later at trial.