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ACTL 2016 | Innovative Trial Preparation and Presentation AM Session - Attorney/Client Relationship & Jury Selection

Total Credits: 3 including 2 Ethics

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Civil Litigation |  Ethics |  Litigation |  Personal Injury Law |  Trial Practice
Ted Schmidt |  Peter Akmajian |  Michael O'Connor |  Jim Condo |  Tom Shorall |  Neil Alden |  Richard Waites
3 Hours 09 Minutes
Audio and Video
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In this day and age, trial lawyers have a wide variety of tools to prepare and present cases at trial.  There are those who favor the latest and greatest technology and those "old school" lawyers who fall back on the yellow pad and courtroom easel.  This seminar will explore the best available options during every phase of the trial process.  Using a real life fact scenario, the program will explore both tech and non-tech options for lawyers.  From cutting edge technology to assist on voir dire, opening and closing, witness examinations, exhibit presentation, and even lawyer-client discussions and interactions regarding trial presentation, this all-day seminar will present various views and lively debates on the myriad of options available to trial lawyers in 2016.    
The faculty for this seminar are Fellows of the American College of Trial Lawyers who represent the very best of trial lawyers in the country.  Watch as Arizona's best exploit the variety of approaches every trial lawyer is confronted with during the course of a trial.  Leave with a renewed sense as to which of these techniques will work best for you. 
In addition, famed jury consultant, Richard Waites from Los Angeles (see biography below), will moderate interactive discussions on voir dire and effective winning trial presentation.



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We regret to inform that Dr. Waites, noted juror consultant, passed away the week following his presentation at the ACTL seminar in Phoenix.