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Pushing Buttons - Using the Bad Characters of Others to Your Advantage
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Pushing Buttons - Using the Bad Characters of Others to Your Advantage, with Attorney, Lisa A. Marcy & Attorney, Tina M. Weber | Friday, October 19, 2018, 8:30am - 4:30pm at ASU Law School, downtown Phx

Total Credits: 6 including 5 Criminal Law or Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Law, 1 Ethics

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Lisa A Marcy |  Tina M Weber
8 Hours
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Phoeniz, Arizona
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Fri, Oct 19, 2018 - 08:30a to 04:30p MST-Arizona - Phoeniz, Arizona
Fri, Oct 19, 2018 - 08:30a to 04:30p MST-Arizona - Phoeniz, Arizona
Fri, Oct 19, 2018 - 08:30a to 04:30p MST-Arizona - Phoeniz, Arizona


PUSHING BUTTONS: Using the Bad Characters of Other To Your Advantage

with Lisa A. Marcy, attorney & Tina M. Weber, attorney

Introduction by Judge Christopher Whitten


Opposing counsel was overly pleasant and "fair minded." He was even helpful. But, I recognized his pattern - it was identifiable. Soon his generosity was replaced by bitterness and accusation - his demeanor was predictable. Co-counsel advised that we should be nice to him. Not a chance. I knew where his buttons were and intended to push them - his actions were reversible. By the time he stood to deliver his closing, he was, in a word, rude - rude to our client, rude to us, and rude to the jury. The verdict came back in our favor on all 8 counts. We had tried a good case and his rudeness was not the only factor in the decision, but i it was A factor and he was rude because I pushed him there.

Narcissistic patterns play out every day with opposing counsel, co-counsel, clients, witnesses, judges, subordinates and superiors. Narcissists (actual, identifiable people suffering from narcissistic personality disorder) make up 9% of the population. Their ranks in the legal profession might well be higher.

Without understanding the narcissist, you risk having your "straight-forward" case last years, costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, draining your energy, destroying your client's confidence in you, and increasing your exposure to challenges about your handling of the case, perhaps even leading to legal malpractice.

Lisa Marcy and Tina Weber are tested and successful trial lawyers. They offer questions to pose at every phase of a client interview, deposition, negotiation, mediation, or trial to expose the narcissist. Then they deliver proven techniques to disrupt the narcissist's predictable behavior and to turn it to your advantage.

Learn how to effectively:

  •  identify the narcissist - who may be closer than you think.
  • defend your client and yourself from their destructive behavior.
  • maintain zealous advocacy for a narcissistic client.
  •  depose, mediate. arbitrate and try your case, while deflating the effect of these dangerous people.
  • recognize and work successfully with narcissistic co-counsel.





Lisa A Marcy's Profile

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Clyde, Snow & Sessions

Lisa A. Marcy is a managing partner at the Salt Lake firm Clyde, Snow & Sessions, where she practices commercial litigation, insurance defense, and labor & employment law.
Lisa serves as Co-Director and Faculty of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy's Gulf Coast Regional Trial and Deposition Programs and as a faculty on NITA's National Programs. She as served as Leader and faculty for many ABA trial training programs.
Lisa is listed by Utah Business Magazine as one of Utah's 30 Women to Watch and as one of Utah's Legal Elite in both civil litigation and employment & labor. She was nominated for the Salt Lake Tribune's "Utahan of the Year."
Lisa has more than two decades of varied litigation and regulatory practice. She has pioneered innovative methods for teaching and motivating professionals to be successful in the courtroom and the boardroom, in hearings with law partners, legal adversaries and clients. She brings her wide and varied practice to bear in her professional presentations and seminars.
Lisa is a cum laude graduate of Hamilton College in New York, received her law degree from the University of Utah School of Law and began her legal career in Paris, France.

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Tina M. Weber is a trial attorney in solo practice in Exton, Pennsylvania. Her practice involves general civil and criminal litigation matters including personal injury, family law, Social Security Disability claims. Social Security Retirement claims, criminal matters,contracts, estates and real estate issues. Tina is experienced in complicated legal issues such as defending mothers accused of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy; active in the representation of victims of clergy abuse including providing testimony before the Codes Committee of the NY State Assembly and assisting in the prosecution of pedophiles in NY, PA and Massachusetts.
Tina is a magna cum Jaude graduate of the State University of New York at Brockport and received her JD from Delaware Law School of Widener University.


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