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Evidence for Trial Lawyers 2020 ON-DEMAND| featuring Steve Easton | 3 Part Program

featuring Steve Easton

This bundle includes all three programs - OnDemand


If you remember Younger fondly and want to relive the magic he created, sign-up for this webcast. If you’ve never experienced Younger’s remarkable presence, sign-up for this webcast. And, if you know a young lawyer who does not remember and has no knowledge of Irving Younger, sign-up for this webcast and let your friends know as well!


“Evidence For Trial Lawyers”

Professor Irving Younger, it was often said, could hold an audience spellbound by simply reading the phone book.

Well, you might think a recitation of the rules of evidence holds just about as much potential excitement, but in the hands and words of the master, audiences of people just like you sat, learned and laughed at such ruminations for decades. Irving Younger’s classic presentation on evidence law is reborn in video form and offered with the live commentary and a shared passion and real-world practicality by Professor Steve Easton.

Easton’s practice-based advice is built around Younger’s original presentation — still the gold standard for evidence training — but it goes beyond the original with impactful advice on recent developments. Younger and Easton both offer knowledge gained through substantial trial experience in a wide variety of cases.

After this 3-part program, you will enter your next trial or hearing with the confidence that you are armed with a solid working knowledge of the one area of the law that each trial attorney needs to master—evidence.


ATTENTION Arizona Lawyers

Arizona Specific Program

Mr. Easton will discuss the 2012 Arizona adoption of the federal rule regarding qualification of expert witnesses and how this change affects pre-2012 Arizona expert witness law, as outlined in Logerquist v. McVey, 196 Ariz. 470, 1 P.3d 113 (2000).

He will also discuss Arizona’s granting of work product protection to most communications between expert witnesses and the attorneys who retain them


“Steve Easton is as talented, smart, and committed to excellence as anybody I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His depth of knowledge of trial advocacy and evidence convinced me that he is the perfect person to carry on the legacy Justice Wolfson and I have developed in our writing and teaching. Steve is focused on delivering what each audience needs. I have no doubt that he will bring that commitment to his presentation on Evidence that will be relevant and immediately useful to Arizona lawyers.”

~ Professor Tom Mauet


MORE Praise for Professor Steve Easton

"Mr. Easton is an excellent, colorful speaker and supported his presentation with the dynamics of Younger."

"Without hesitation, I will say that the presentation that Steve made was the finest CLE program I have ever witnessed."

"Steve's command of the subject matter, modern visual presentation, and skillful, relaxed interaction with the participants produced one of our most successful seminars ever."

"Engaging - rarely can my attention be held for 6 hours."

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